Tour Packages

Why us?

Well there are a lot of rental services here around in Siem Reap, but you know… we are just simply good at some points and want to share it with you. Try us out, because:

  • Free in advance arrangements
    You can order by email, sms or phone before your trip and you need to pay only in the end of your trip
  • Competitive prices
    Prices are almost the same everywhere, but we are making our best to deliver some extra for you
  • Fluent English speakers
    We speak English really well and would be happy to tell you about the history of the area you visit and our Khmer country in general
  • Helpful services
    Just ask – we can help you decide what to visit, we can help you decide on your plan, we will be glad to advice you on your stay and anything you need here
  • Local places to visit
    We would be happy to show you some local places to eat, some good restaurants to spend time and even basic needs like laundry, local store or ATM machine
  • Extra needs and wants
    We would be happy to suggest you about other Siem Reap sites and activities – we are local people, we know places and locals

Simply we want you make trip to remember and experience Siem Reap most!