Siem Reap Tuk-Tuk rental

We would be happy to provide you Tuk Tuk (remork) rental services to Angkor Wat temples and other archaeological places in Siem Reap (Cambodia). Tuk Tuk (generally it is some style of motorcycle and trailer for 1-4 people) rental is best for 2-4 people travel, well actually 2 would be most comfortable. Renting remork with driver would be best choice if you are traveling couple or just two friends exploring Cambodia.

For bigger groups or private car with driver rental please check our Camry Car (best for two 3-4 people) or Mini Van (12-15 people) rental services.

Why us?

  • Free in advance arrangements (no prepayment required)
  • Fluent English (or other language) speaking driver
  • Free pick-up
  • Free return
  • Reliable and helpful service
  • Guidance and advices during travel
  • Free bottle of water


Worth noticing that renting Tuk Tuk with driver (in most cases) will be  much more interesting than renting car with driver or minivan  – you will feel the streets, people and travel in more interesting manner than just sitting inside car or van, because you will hear, see and feel and even smell more.

What is included

All our remork rental services include some really cool things that are offered free of charge for every client that travel together. Our company is happy to include in every your order:

  • Free pick-up from the airport or bus station (remember, 2-4 people)
  • Free pick-up of your team from your hotel, hostel or bungalow
  • Free transfer back to the airport or bus station
  • Free transfer back to your hotels, hostels or guesthouses
  • We also can pick you up (or drop you off) from down town (Old Siem Reap market, Night market or Central city market)
  • Free drinking water (!cold water) during your visit for every client
  • Free cool towel during the tour (sometimes it is really hot and cool towel is simply incredible)

On you order you already pay for: motorcycle fuel, English speaking driver and  some free guidance during tour  (sorry, our drivers are not professional guides, but they know our country history and would be happy to share it with you).

But there are some things you will need to pay for extra:

  • Parking fees (just in case, mostly you park your TukTuk anywhere)
  • Drinks, food and beverages (we can show you good places to eat if needed)
  • Entry tickets to tourism areas (Angkor Wat temples or other temples)

What you get

Our Tuk-tuks (see photos below) can take  up 4 people  (driver drives on motorcycle with helmet), so it is perfect if you visit with your boyfriend, girlfriend, buddy or just some friends. Of course you will have natural air conditioning, you will feel streets and traffic almost as you drive yourself. TukTuk travel is a bit slower than by car or minivan, so you will have more time to feel surroundings.

Every our company  driver speaks English  (or other language by request) fluently. Every our TukTuk driver will be glad to tell you some history about ruins (Angkor Wat and other temples) you visit. We guarantee, that Tuk-Tuk you rent will be in great condition and you will have  a lot of fun and new experiences from the travel .

Photos of our Tuk-tuks

Additional Tuk Tuk rental

Your couple (or just you) want to explore a bit more? Travel further and see some great temples? No problem! You can rent our tuk tuk for travel to:

  • 20$ For Angkor Complexes
  • 65$ For Banteay and Bonteay Somre temples

Noted : All Packages will add 10 USD extra for sunrise hours.

Our advice

For every traveler and our client we recommend comfortable and light clothing during your visit.

Sun cream, good shoes, sunglasses and good mood is very welcome. We provide free water for every person, but just in case have some more drinking water (you can leave it in our tuk-tuk). Remember, that Angkor Wat (Cambodia) world heritage area is quite big, so you will have to walk a lot – be ready for a lot of stairs, some climbing and a lot of walking.

Our goal is your satisfaction! 🙂